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Make a difference ...

Neuroblastoma is an aggressive childhood cancer. At Neuroblastoma UK we save children’s lives, with your help.

We do this by funding crucial research which is carried out by scientific experts in cancer centres and universities all around the UK and it produces results – new treatments that save children’s lives and are kinder on their young bodies than chemotherapy and other existing therapies. 

Our work relies entirely on the generosity of voluntary donors – individuals, companies and trusts – to continually fund new research projects to produce new and better treatments in order to save more children’s lives.  

We are staffed only by Trustees and volunteers, with no paid staff or offices, meaning that over 90% of everything you donate goes directly into funding the best UK-led research.

Your support means we can fund more research and bring closer the day when neuroblastoma will be beaten.

You can make a huge difference to the chances of survival for children with neuroblastoma by fundraising, volunteering or donating. Thank you!


EVERY YEAR - Lady Liz will be placed in the chair, preparing herself for what she thinks is only going be either a small bottle or a small bucket of water; but the Boss and the nominated charity of the year, have other ideas in mind!!


On Thursday 27th June 2019, our very own Lady Liz will once again be part-taking in the Bucket Challenge to raise money for Neuroblastoma UK, for those who are with the terrible disease and also in memory of Jess, who reacently passed away after a 7 year battle. #RoarForJess


Here at Silver Fox Radio, the Boss and Team would like you, and also on behalf of Lady Liz, to ask if you could find a few pennies and pounds to donate, whatever you can afford. Every penny helps!


And then for your viewing pleasure, you will get to see our Lady Liz gunged and completely soaked to the bone - all in the name of fun and charity!


Hahaha... it's going to happen Lady Liz!!

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